Airwaves in Full

This section serves as a master list of the media I consume online, as initially referenced in this post where I provide a glimpse into my information diet. Some of these links correlate to that while others, especially some of the blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels are thing which I find entertaining.

If you're on Twitter, you may also find these lists useful in this regard. Those, however, are always in flux.

News and Publication Sites


E-Mail Newsletters

Note: There are a lot of blogs and RSS feeds in my Feedly. The one's feature here are my favorites and the ones I read most consistently.

*The blogger, Alistair Coleman, also runs the following blogs, which I also follow:

**Guardian Column

YouTube Channels
Note: The first fourteen were featured on Twitter when the seven favorite YouTubers hashtag (#7FavYouTubers) made its rounds with three tweets: two with my initial picks over the years, and another with honorable mentions. Anything after Vi Hart are channels of interest which I frequent, have a consistent update schedule, or act as archives. Anyone here marked with an asterisk also streams elsewhere if you're into video games and/or would prefer to catch them live.

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