About Prompted Ink

What's this blog all about?

Prompted Ink is where I post stories, poems, and other experimental works based off of writing prompts from Google+ communities and pages including Writ and the Flash Fiction Project, or from a single Twitter tweet or real-life story that I found intriguing. These works are meant to be practice pieces that will motivate me to work and improve on my longer projects that I would like to publish or self-publish when the time comes.

I will also muse on occasion about various subjects from my writing processes to current events and personal topics that need more room than just a re-tweet or Facebook posting. I used to separate my musings on a different blog, titled the Dirty Fishtank, when I was in the midst of my community college "wilderness years". For consistency's sake, I decided to integrate them together once more. Who knows? They might become prompts themselves.

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