I originally posted this on the fly, but this is what my writing and blogging schedule looks like, outside circumstances permitting:
Current itinerary as of February 23rd, 2015
  • I'll be doing a monthly flash fiction except on the months when I'm working on the Wattpad short stories. 
  • I plan on writing three short stories to post on Wattpad with the next one going up in late June.
  • As for lengthy musings, whether I post one depends on those outside circumstances including current events.
  • Other posts will include extended book reviews beyond my Goodreads blurbs, what I'm reading for the weekend* with some backstory or just why I'm reading it, weekend links inspired by Alistair Coleman's weekend videos and Stuart Ian Burns on Feeling Listless, etc.
*i.e. An extended version of the Friday Reads Twitter hashtag as coined by Bethanne Patrick.


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