Flash Fiction Catalog

Whether you're new here or otherwise, this mini-catalog will guide through the flash fiction featured here. From ongoing serials and recurring characters to thematic groupings, this directory ties them altogether.

Most of them will also be the subjects of current and future Wattpad short stories, sharing the same CC-BY-SA license with the works featured here.  


Goes without saying that these pieces do not have any major or thematic connections to other pieces. Some works include the memoirs-in-brief and mini-sketches that qualify as flash fiction because they fit the 1,000 or below word count.

Mechanic's Garage

This series follows gearhead Russell as he fixes his way to success with his friend and sometimes client, Dana. Aside from the works that were originally featured on my old, now-defunct musings blog, Russell and Dana made their debut along with this blog itself with the piece, "The Politics of Patience", where the repairman brings a Mazda Millenia to life with some add-ons. 

Man Vs. Retail

These pieces showcase the struggles shared between characters--usually Mark and Andy, sometimes others--from the mundane turned desperate wait for a download to odd product snafus.

Bourgeois Youth

Sometimes, it's a serial about the state of mind. Always, it's a story in the nobility, the one percent, or the production makers. The serial follows Roderick who thinks himself as a Casanova as he yearns to be in the high life as the punk socialite. There's also Simon and Cassandra, Roderick's old friends from high school who think otherwise.  

Going Digital

Works which center around all things electronic, cyberpunk, and science-fiction. I also have a Goodreads shelf of the same name featuring all the books that I read and plan on reading with the same theme in mind.

A Dystopian Matter

Like the Going Digital stories, these stories deal with their own namesake (i.e. the pessimistic what-if). 

Experiment in Flash Fiction

The pieces that started out as a sort-of choose-your-own narrative concept where, ideally, the comments drove the story. The link not only showcases those works, but also where they came from in brief. You can find those stories on Co-Write as "Kung-Fu Deadline" (Part 2) and "Of Mechanics, Auteurs, and Artists" (Parts 1&3) where the writers write out what happens next.

Union File 8002

This is the file of Union member, Peter Engels. The archive team's still working to recover it in full for classified reasons. Long story, short, this is a sci-fi and thriller serial in progress that stars Peter Engels, member of the crime syndicate, Union, who works as an investigator to help the organization poke holes in what they call the "dusty bureau". 

From the Fishtank

The first ever flash fiction works that I initially wrote on my old musings blog, Dirty Fishtank, while playing around with Google+ back in early 2012. I ported them here when I created Prompted Ink when I wanted to separate my ramblings from my fiction.

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