01 January, 2013

Flash Fiction: "Where's the Sausage?"

A new year brings more opportunities to write on. Here's to another good year in writing!

This piece was inspired by +Michael Mahemoff's G+ post about sandwiches and Yelp, which reminded me of situations close to home; at least fifteen minutes away.

     So I went into the store, hungry for some meats. Asked for a sausage grinder after realizing how much bite I would get from just one link. Now this is where things go crazy, he starts pouring sauce all over my bread. Then just closes the sandwich. Yeah, let that one sink in for a second. 
     "Where's the sausage?" I ask.

     The guy just stares at me, like I was in my Mitsubishi in the middle of the night. Deers, squirrels, and even bears've got nothin' on this guy. 

     "I thought you wanted a sauce grinder" He says, handing me my ruined sandwich.

     I explain to him that I wanted a sausage grinder, but he still translates my words as sauce grinder. How can something so simple go over his head, I have no idea. One thing was clear though, he forgot the sausages.

     I was not amused by this, but the higher-ups got someone else to make my sausage cravings complete. He just went to town and the finished product was a success in my book. Let's just say, I saved your store from a one-star disaster.

Final Score: 3/5

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