27 May, 2012

Flash Fiction: Overlooked Babysitting

“Good God, man! What have you done!?”

“I don’t know! I did everything it said on the note. Even to a T!”

            The first night of babysitting and Barry thought he had it all down. Joan’s mother had instructions; simple to follow for simple needs children. Even TV time was the least of worries since Joan had gotten into drawing. That did plenty of damage to Barry’s paper supply, at least for his inkjet printer.

            Times for snacks, homework, dinner, and bedtime, were also simple to follow. Except it was difficult for Barry to coax Joan into doing her English assignments. She loved her drawings and further loved math.

            “They’ve got this thing called geometry in it,” She said. “There’s like drawings galore of circles and triangles.”

            That struggle was nothing compared to what Barry was facing now. Joan was face down into her dessert, corn bread and chocolate ice cream. Being the nervous type, too nervous to check for snores or breathing, Barry phoned a nearby babysitting helpline. He had explained the situation and the instructions left behind, but they seemed to have the same type of nervousness.

            Barry waited minutes while the helpline’s staff scurried about their offices, cross-referencing data regarding children and health. The on-hold soundtrack blared New Age numbers mostly consisting of the same ocean sounds. He took the opportunity, putting the phone on speaker, to check on Joan.

            He looked close at her Adam’s Apple to see if some breathing action was taking place. There was. Barry relaxed and hung up on the helpline. He forgot about the two hours of Draw Something they played together.

For Flash Fiction Project prompt 34.

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