31 May, 2012

Flash Fiction: Swimsuit Dilemma

“Does this one suit you, sir,” A salesperson asked.
“No! I don’t want trunks,” Andy replied. “Those are for elephants. What I want are speedos.”

“We don’t sell those here, sir.”
Another clothing store, searched from front to back, and Andy still could not find a new pair of speedos. He reveled in the thought of all of the world’s skin-tight clothing for men; gone and never to be manufactured again. Haunting him for several nightmares straight, he decided to take it down in a mental fight for the ages.
This meant making ads for the community bulletin boards in cafes and that niche near the bathrooms in the Barnes & Noble. It was like a missing person’s ad, without the person and more ‘bring-on-the-briefs’.
Days passed, and countless viewings of TV films had only brought Andy quivering in despair. Nobody phoned him to give him tips on the precious speedo store from beyond city limits. Not even packages touched his doorstep, treasures he would keep sacred in his dresser.
He decided to go back and purchase the swimming trunks. That was when he noticed an unfamiliar face in his car; dressed in a white t-shirt and kaki shorts. He was playing around with a laptop; chuckling away. Andy looked nervously at him, and then went around into the car.
“Hi there,” The young man said. “Ready to do some shopping?”
 Baffled and surprised, Andy nodded, “About time!”

“Exactly, PC, Mac, or Linux?”

For Flash Fiction Project: Prompt 36

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